Nov 2020

First things first: the Index page went live in November. It has information on every climb in the Bronx sector – if there are any missing, or mistakes, get in touch.

On a particularly windy day in November Ivan Lukatina sent Boilerplate sit (V9). He used some much nicer beta than the first ascentionist, Josiah, did. He also reckons it’s pretty nails for the grade and could easily be a V10.

George Sanders sent Tyrant (V9) – which people either tend to get on with or find nails. George felt it was easier than Musashi (V10) so reckons V9 is fair. Climbers and their grade debates…

Talking about Musashi (V10), which is getting a lot more attention lately (are the locals getting stronger or is it nicer to work without that boulder underneath it) had another repeat: Anthony Chui. [video]

Oskar Wolf went to the Rak to work a project he’s even built a replica of. Wrecked himself on that, but no send yet, then finished off the session with a quick repeat of Allison Wonderland (V11)?! On that note how has he done all the harder stuff first? We will never know. [video]

Agent Orange (V11) was first put up in 2011. Chronically undergraded it took nine years to get repeated. Rob Gajland, who completely changed the beta (must be a short man thing), got there after a fair amount of work. He reckons it’s a hard V11 at least. Let’s see what others say. [video]

2 thoughts on “Nov 2020

  1. I’m going to have to send something during December so you can have another crack at spelling my name!


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